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The fothermo switching device is the solution for using excess electricity from the boiler or heating element in your own home network. Especially in the summer months, it often happens that the photovoltaic boiler is already completely heated up in the morning hours.

If the photovoltaic output is already high in the morning, the switching device assumes that the boiler will be fully heated up during the day. Therefore, the switching device switches individual PV modules to the connected micro PV inverter in the morning, so that electricity is fed into the house network throughout the day. This largely covers the basic load of the house.

As soon as the boiler has completely heated up, all connected photovoltaic modules are switched to the micro PV inverter.

The switching device always prioritizes the photovoltaic boiler before surpluses are fed into the house network, thus ensuring maximum efficiency of the entire photovoltaic system.

Information to download

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  • Save around €125 on electricity costs per year

    Feed around 400 kWh of excess photovoltaic energy from the boiler or heating elements into the power grid via a micro PV inverter.

  • 2,000W balcony power plant

    Use the power of up to 2,000 Wp photovoltaic power. Because a maximum of 800 W is fed in via the inverter, the entire system is still a balcony power plant.

  • Stop losing power

    Use almost all of the photovoltaic electricity you generate. First store your electricity in the form of hot water and then feed any excess into your own power grid.

  • easy installation

    Plug it in - done. No app, no buttons, no WiFi. You plug everything together and the switching device does the power distribution for you.

Product features

Reduce hot water and electricity costs
Maximum use of energy through efficient hot water generation and intelligent electrical surplus feed into the power grid.

Feed up to 600 W / 800 W into the power grid via a micro PV inverter.
Excess electricity from the boiler is simply fed into the power grid via a micro PV inverter.

2,000 W balcony power plant
Use the power of up to 4x photovoltaic modules or 2,000 Wp photovoltaic output. Because a maximum of 800 W is fed in via the inverter, the entire system is still a balcony power plant.

Intelligent control
No energy is lost. As soon as the boiler is fully heated or there is more photovoltaic power available than the boiler can use, excess energy is fed into the power grid.

The display of the switching device always shows the status of all connected electrical consumers.

Installation and commissioning

The switching device is mounted on the wall using four screws.
Photovoltaic modules or electrical consumers are connected via simple screw terminals on the switching device.

The switching device has four photovoltaic module inputs, which can be recognized by the green colored terminal blocks. The photovoltaic modules or the extension cables of the photovoltaic modules are connected directly to the switching device. A simple screwdriver is required for this.

Up to three electrical consumers are connected to the blue terminal blocks. The fothermo switching device has been developed for use in combination with the following devices:

1x fothermo photovoltaic boiler or heating element
2x inputs of a micro PV inverter

Technical specifications

  • Number of connectable PV modules

    1 - 4 photovoltaic modules can be connected to the switching device. The orientation of the photovoltaic modules does not matter. The maximum power per photovoltaic module is 500 W.

  • Connection of electrical consumers

    Up to 3 consumers in total.
    1x fothermo boiler (hybrid or offgrid) or heating element
    2x micro PV inverter input (2x - 300 W / 400 W)

  • Dimensions

    7" x 3" x 1.6"

scope of delivery

1x fothermo switching device
1x cable set
1x user manual

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