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Photovoltaic 200L and 300L boilers

The cost-effective and sustainable hot water supply in a family home.

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1,800W photovoltaic heating capacity high photovoltaic heating capacity to provide hot water for up to 6 people.

Simple photovoltaic connection The photovoltaic modules are simply connected to the electrical terminals of the boiler. All you need is a simple screwdriver.

Warranty 3 year manufacturer's warranty

Cost-saving hot water thanks to almost free photovoltaic electricity. High profitability due to low initial investment costs and almost no operating costs!

Heat exchanger An integrated heat exchanger enables the connection of an existing gas, oil or pellet heating system.

Environmentally friendly energy from the power of the sun! 100% renewable and sustainable! Save CO2 every day and actively contribute to climate protection.

A CO2-free hot water supply for up to 6 people. The photovoltaic 200L and 300L boilers provide enough hot water to completely switch off your existing heating system in the summer half.

The photovoltaic boiler has installed 3x independently acting photovoltaic heating rods. Each heating rod is powered by an MPP tracker. Up to 2,000Wp of photovoltaic power can be connected to each heating rod.

The photovoltaic boilers heat the water with up to 1800 W. In order to have enough water available even on cloudy days, up to 6,000 Wp photovoltaic power can be connected. Alternatively, post-heating via an existing heating system is possible.

The installation is the same as with any other storage tank. A pressure relief and non-return valve is also included.


  • safety extra-low voltage

    Due to the low voltage level of less than 50 V, no electrician is required for installation.

  • 6,000W connected load

    Up to 6,000Wp photovoltaic output can be connected. The boiler heats the water with up to 1,800W.

  • Off-grid / island system

    Hot water supply independent of the 230V mains power. No registration of the PV system necessary.

  • Triple MPP tracker

    3x independent MPP trackers for maximum PV yield on up to 3 photovoltaic strings.

Hot water in a family house

Classic application: hot water generation for a family home. Especially in the summer months there are completely oversized and inefficient oil and gas heating systems in the basements of single-family houses. With photovoltaic stationary boilers you can switch off your fossil heating system in the summer months and save money.

Ecological holiday homes, apartments and hotels

Offer 100% renewable hot water to your hotel guests while reducing your energy bills. The photovoltaic storage tanks supply enough hot water.

island system

Generate your own hot water in places without electricity. The 200L and 300L photovoltaic storage tank produces hot water for mountain huts or campsites, for example.

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