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Photovoltaic caravan boiler

A simple and efficient hot water heater for the camper.



The caravan boiler reinvents the hot water supply in the camper. It is intelligent and uses the energy directly from photovoltaic modules or a battery. The caravan boiler ensures more comfort on your next trip.

Independence of hot water supply independent of the 230V power supply.

12V / 24V intelligent battery operation Excess energy use or after-heating of the water from the on-board battery.

10 liters volume ... enough for up to 25 liters of mixed shower water. With a savings shower head, this is sufficient for 2 people.

Warranty 3 year manufacturer's warranty

Simple installation The photovoltaic modules are plugged directly into the boiler. Mounting rails on the boiler ensure a secure hold.

Innovative MPP tracker Integrated MPP tracker for maximum photovoltaic yield.

Environmentally friendly energy from the power of the sun! 100% renewable and sustainable! Save CO2 every day and actively contribute to climate protection.

Photovoltaic module or 12V / 24V battery connection?

The photovoltaic boiler can work both with directly connected photovoltaic modules and with a 12V or 24V battery.

Once the battery has reached a defined charge level, the photovoltaic boiler switches on automatically. Electrical surpluses can thus be stored in the boiler.

This ensures that there is always enough power available for all other electrical consumers (refrigerator, light, mobile phone) with a higher priority.

*The battery is connected via the battery cable , which must also be purchased in the online shop.


  • 12V / 24V intelligent battery operation

    Simple retrofitting of the boiler in the existing electrical system of the camper thanks to flexible adjustment options.

  • Easy construction

    Four screws on the mounting rails secure the boiler to the vehicle floor.

  • Off-grid / island system

    Hot water supply independent of the 230V mains power.

  • Carefree package

    MPP trackers, charge controllers and intelligent algorithms are already integrated in the boiler.

Assembly made easy!

Mount the boiler in your RV with just four screws. on the mounting rails of the photovoltaic boiler. You don't need more than a screwdriver.

Installation is easy and safe. In this way, the boiler also holds up when you brake hard.

Up to 25 liters of hot water for showering.

The photovoltaic caravan boiler heats the water up to 65°C. Then it switches off automatically.

For showering, the hot water is mixed with colder water in a standard shower fitting.

Up to 25 liters with a water temperature of 35 °C can be used. With an economy shower head, that's easily enough for 2 people.

Two digital displays ensure maximum transparency.

The current water temperature, the heating output and the sum of all amounts of energy that have ever been fed in can be read directly on the boiler.

A second display with a 5 meter cable allows the temperature to be displayed from anywhere in the caravan.

A small battery in the boiler ensures that the display can also be read at night.

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The battery cable is required to connect the photovoltaic caravan boiler to the camper's 12V or 24V battery. Alternatively, only photovoltaic modules can be connected to the boiler.