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New: The 10L caravan boiler

The ideal supplement for sustainable and comfortable camping.

For the 10L caravan boiler

80L Photovoltaic Boiler

Most sold

  • heating capacity

    Up to 550 W heating power.

  • 8 hours

    Time that the photovoltaic boiler needs to heat the water from 20°C to 65°C at full heating power.

  • 80 liters volume

    Use up to 180 liters of hot water at a water temperature of 34°C.

  • Renewable

    Renewable provision of heat through the power of the sun.

Cut costs

Generate your own solar power and save on expensive grid power immediately. Just install the PV module and connect it to the photovoltaic boiler. From now on you can produce your own free hot water.

Enjoy Independence

Thanks to the inexpensive photovoltaic modules, hot water can be generated anywhere in the world. Even in the most remote places on this planet. The photovoltaic boiler does not require a connection to the power grid to operate. This is how you can easily make yourself independent.

sustainability life

Energy from the power of the sun. 100% renewable and sustainable. With the photovoltaic boiler, you can not only generate hot water, but also become an active climate protector and save hundreds of kilograms of CO2.

Discover the advantages of fothermo

cables instead of pipes

Simple plug & play installation

Made in Germany

Development and production of photovoltaic boilers in Germany

100% Renewable

Renewable heat supply only through the power of the sun.

What Our Customers Say

We have had this island system installed in our weekend house since mid-April 2022 and are overjoyed to finally have constant warm water for showering and hot water for washing dishes.

In this way, solar energy from the balcony can also be used in the house without any bureaucracy and create some independence from gas.

The installation of the water heater was worth it! Even if the conditions in Ireland are not always so good, the device always supplies enough hot water in a relatively short time.

As a new customer, I would simply like to thank you for the direct service so far and the prompt delivery of the entire product, including the photovoltaic modules.

Questions are always answered quickly and financial questions are also clarified in an uncomplicated manner.

That says a lot for your company