Die einfachste und kostengünstigste photovoltaische Warmwasserbereitung.

  • Geld sparen

    Senken Sie Ihre Warmwasserkosten um etwa 75 %. Sparen Sie etwa 300 € - 500 € pro Jahr.

  • Unabhängigkeit erhöhen

    Machen Sie sich unabhängiger von steigenden Energiepreisen. Produzieren Sie Ihr eigenes Warmwasser für etwa 5 ct / kWh

  • Einfache Montage

    Stecken Sie die Photovoltaikmodule einfach an den Boiler an. Fertig.

  • Kostenloses heißes Wasser genießen

    Genießen Sie das gute Gefühl einer kostenfreien und erneuerbaren heißen Dusche.

Machen Sie sich unabhängiger von steigenden Energiepreisen.

Photovoltaic hybrid boiler

The photovoltaic hybrid boiler is the better electric boiler. It replaces every "normal" electric boiler.
The heat is primarily generated by photovoltaic modules. If the sun doesn't shine, the hybrid boiler can automatically reheat with 1,500W via 230V mains power. The boiler is available in sizes 30L and 80L.

Photovoltaic heater

The photovoltaic heating element enables existing buffer storage tanks to be easily retrofitted with photovoltaics. To put the heating element into operation, the photovoltaic modules are simply plugged into the housing.

Photovoltaic 200L and 300L boiler

The 200L and 300L photovoltaic floorstanding boilers provide affordable and C02-free hot water for the whole family. The photovoltaic modules are connected directly to the boiler. An integrated heat exchanger enables connection to an existing gas, oil or pellet heating system in order to be able to sufficiently reheat the water even on cloudy days.

Photovoltaic off-grid boiler

The photovoltaic off-grid boiler offers the ideal solution for a cost-effective and sustainable hot water supply in stand-alone systems such as summer houses, mountain huts or as drinking water pre-heating in front of a heating system or a continuous-flow water heater.

switching device

When the photovoltaic boiler is fully heated, the excess electricity is fed into the home network. The power is fed in via a micro PV inverter. The currents are switched intelligently and fully automatically. With the switching device, you can use even more of the energy you generate.

Das macht die fothermo Systeme einzigartig:

Innovative Überschusseinspeisung

Speisen Sie überschüssige Energie einfach in Ihren 600 W / 800 W Micro PV Wechselrichter ein. Senken Sie gleichzeitig Ihre Warmwasser- und Stromkosten.

Plug & Play

Einfache Installation durch selbsterklärendes Stecksystem aller Komponenten. Anschluss und Inbetriebnahme ohne Elektriker möglich, das das gesamte System in der Schutzkleinspannung arbeitet.

Patentierter MPP Tracker

99 % Wirkungsgrad durch den patentierten fothermo MPP Tracker. Dieser sorgt für bis zu 50% höheren Photovoltaikertrag, gegenüber einem Boiler / Heizstab ohne MPP Tracker.

The photovoltaic boiler briefly explained

25% annual return!

Save more than €400 per year with direct photovoltaic hot water generation and electrical surplus feed into your power grid via micro PV inverters.

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Why fothermo?

Entwickelt in Deutschland

fothermo is the first manufacturer of photovoltaic boilers.

Maximum economy

Excess photovoltaic energy can be fed into your own home network via a micro PV inverter.

Free hot water

By using up to 100% photovoltaic energy to generate hot water.

fothermo ist bekannt aus:

Gemeinsam mit unseren Partnern, machen wir unseren Planeten und die Warmwassererzeugung etwas nachhaltiger.

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What our customers say

We have had this island system installed in our weekend house since mid-April 2022 and are overjoyed to finally have constant warm water for showering and hot water for washing dishes.

In this way, solar energy from the balcony can also be used in the house without any bureaucracy and create some independence from gas.

The installation of the water heater was worth it! Even if the conditions in Ireland are not always so good, the device always supplies enough hot water in a relatively short time.

As a new customer, I would simply like to thank you for the direct service so far and the prompt delivery of the entire product, including the photovoltaic modules.

Questions are always answered quickly and financial questions are also clarified in an uncomplicated manner.

That says a lot for your company

Hello fothermo team, this is a great product! First week of October and water is heated to maximum 65 deg. There is no need for AC power for now. This product will dominate the market, classic systems cannot compete with this