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Installation of a fothermo 30 litre photovoltaic off-grid boiler in a garden kitchen

Installation eines fothermo 30 Liter Solar Offgrid Boilers mit Balkonkraftwerk in einer Gartenküche

A garden kitchen is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors while preparing culinary delights. If you want to take this experience to the next level, consider installing a fothermo 30 litre photovoltaic off-grid boiler. This boiler uses the power of the sun to heat your water, making it the ideal eco-friendly solution for your covered garden kitchen.

The advantages of a solar boiler over a balcony power plant

Die Vorteile eines Solarboilers gegenüber einem Balkonkraftwerk
For many families who are not at home during the day, the question arises as to how they can best benefit from solar energy. In this article, we compare the advantages of an 80-litre solar boiler with a balcony power station. Especially in situations where little electricity is used during the day, the solar boiler proves to be the more efficient choice.