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Reduce 75% of the cost of the electric water heater.

75 % der Kosten des elektrischen Durchlauferhitzers senken.

The very high costs of producing hot water using an electric instantaneous water heater can be reduced by around 75% per year with the photovoltaic off-grid boiler. The photovoltaic boiler is used to preheat water for the instantaneous water heater. The water heater only starts heating when the hot water from the photovoltaic boiler has been used up. This will save you around 600 kWh to 900 kWh per year or €200 to €300.

Innovation: How to pay 75% less for your hot water! Save €300 per year now.

Innovation: So zahlen Sie 75 % weniger für Ihr Warmwasser! Jetzt 300 € pro Jahr sparen.
A 3-person household spends around €450 a year just on heating water. By using photovoltaic modules, these costs can be reduced by around 75%. Solar energy is used to heat the water in the photovoltaic boiler. Sufficient hot water is provided in the summer months; in the winter months, the water can be reheated via the electricity network if necessary. Replacing it with a traditional electric boiler is easy and the investment of around €1,200 is paid back in 4 years with annual savings of €300.