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Photovoltaic heater

The photovoltaic heating element enables easy photovoltaic retrofitting in existing hot water boilers. The heating element is screwed into a standard 1.5" thread. The photovoltaic support ensures energy and cost savings in conventional hot water preparation using gas or oil heaters.

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550W photovoltaic heating power - Can produce a heating power of 550W. As a secondary or even primary energy source for hot water production or in combination in a central heating storage tank.

DC power direct use Direct use of the direct current from the photovoltaic modules to heat water. No inverter or battery is needed.

Safe and robust design with redundant over-temperature protection, adjustable heat-up temperature, intuitive interface and input overload/polarity protection.

Plug and Play The photovoltaic modules are simply connected using MC4 plug connections.

Protective extra-low voltage: Due to the low voltage level of less than 50 V, no qualified electrician is required for installation.

Cost-saving hot water thanks to almost free photovoltaic electricity. High cost-effectiveness thanks to low initial investment costs and almost no operating costs!

Environmentally friendly energy from the power of the sun! 100% renewable and sustainable! Save CO2 every day and actively contribute to climate protection.

Warranty 3 year manufacturer's warranty.


  • safety extra-low voltage

    Due to the low voltage level of less than 50 V, no electrician is required for installation.

  • 2,000W connected load

    Up to 2,000Wp photovoltaic power can be connected. The PV heating element heats the water with up to 550W.

  • Off-grid / island system

    Hot water supply independent of the 230V mains power. No registration of the PV system necessary.

  • Innovative MPP tracker

    50% higher yield thanks to the innovative MPP tracker, which always ensures the maximum yield of the PV modules.

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