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The photovoltaic heating element enables the generation of cost-effective hot water in your existing heating system. The heating element generates around 19,000 liters of hot water per year from around 1,000 kWh of photovoltaic electricity.

The heating element is screwed into a standard 1.5" thread of a hot water tank. The photovoltaic support ensures energy and cost savings.

Since the heating element does not feed into the power grid, the photovoltaic system does not need to be registered.

Up to 2000Wp of photovoltaic power can be connected to the heating element. The maximum heating power is 550W. This means that the hot water supply for a two-person household can be almost completely covered in the summer months. The maximum water temperature is 65°C in drinking water systems or 85°C in decalcified heating systems.

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The photovoltaic heating element in focus

  • 550W photovoltaic heating power

    Powerful water heating for maximum photovoltaic self-consumption

  • 1.5" thread for easy installation

    Easy to install in existing heating systems for retrofitting.

  • Registration free - island complex

    Since no electricity is fed into the grid, the photovoltaic system does not need to be registered.

  • 2,000 W connected load

    Up to 2,000W photovoltaic module output can be connected to the heating element.

Save 1,000 kWh or 19,000 liters of hot water per year!

With the photovoltaic heating element you save up to 1,000 kWh per year. This is how much electricity the heating element converts into heat or hot water within a year. With 1,000 kWh of electricity, around 19,000 liters of water can be heated from 15°C to 60°C.

Easy heating integration

The photovoltaic heating element can be easily integrated into an existing heating system. The 1.5" standard thread can be screwed into most common drinking water tanks.

Technical specifications

  • Efficient MPP tracker

    Patented MPP tracker with 99.9% efficiency for maximum solar yield. Up to 2,000Wp photovoltaic output can be connected to the heating element.

  • safety extra-low voltage

    Due to the low voltage level of less than 50 V, no qualified electrician is required for the electrical installation. The photovoltaic modules are connected to the heating element in parallel.

  • easy installation

    Plug & Play - The photovoltaic modules are simply plugged in. The heating process begins immediately.

  • Further information

    Further information, product specifications, declaration of conformity, manufacturer's instructions, assembly videos and circuit diagrams can be found in our product data sheet (see above) .

scope of delivery

1x photovoltaic heating rod