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Accessories: PV extension cable 5m

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5m 6mm² MC4 extension cable (equipped with MC4 plug and socket) with cross-linked solar cable from the leading cable manufacturer Lapp in Germany. The plugs themselves are also German originals from MutliContact.

scope of application
  • Extension of the connection line between the photovoltaic modules and the boiler.
  • Several extension cables of different lengths (5m or 10m) can be combined. The maximum length should not significantly exceed 20m due to larger line losses.

To use

  • Plug and play, unpack and use, you don't need any special tools
  • cross-linked solar cable (only two cable manufacturers in the world have the technology for this)

Technical specifications
Cable type: Ölflex XLR-R 6mm² from Lapp - TÜV + UL tested
max voltage: 1000V
Cable length: 5m
Equipment: 1 MC4 male + 1x MC4 female