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Accessories: PV extension cable 5m

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5m 6mm² MC4 extension cable (equipped with MC4 plug and socket) with cross-linked solar cable from the leading cable manufacturer Lapp in Germany. The plugs themselves are also German originals from MutliContact.

scope of application
  • Extension of the connection line between the photovoltaic modules and the boiler.
  • Several extension cables of different lengths (5m or 10m) can be combined. The maximum length should not significantly exceed 20m due to larger line losses.

To use

  • Plug and play, unpack and use, you don't need any special tools
  • cross-linked solar cable (only two cable manufacturers in the world have the technology for this)

Technical specifications
Cable type: Ölflex XLR-R 6mm² from Lapp - TÜV + UL tested
max voltage: 1000V
Cable length: 5m
Equipment: 1 MC4 male + 1x MC4 female

Technical specifications

  • safety extra-low voltage

    Due to the low voltage level of less than 50 V, no installation is required
    Electrician required.

  • easy installation

    The photovoltaic modules are connected using simple plug-and-play connections.

  • MPP tracker

    Integrated MPP tracker that always ensures the maximum yield of the PV modules.

  • Hot water guarantee

    A second 230V heating element with 1,500 W provides hot water - even on days with little sun
    or at night.


75% energy saving
A 2-4 person household can use an 80 liter photovoltaic boiler to obtain around 75% of the energy required for hot water preparation from the photovoltaic modules. The remaining energy is drawn from the grid, especially in the winter months. With particularly economical hot water consumption, up to 100% of the requirement can be covered by the photovoltaic modules.

1,500 W electric post-heater
The powerful electric after-heating via the 230 V power network enables sufficient hot water to be produced even on the darkest days. Once the boiler has completely cooled down or been emptied, the water temperature can be heated back up to a high temperature within a short time.

Digital display on the boiler
An LC display provides information about the system, such as: B. the water temperature, the power and the energy already used!

Plug and play
The photovoltaic modules are simply connected using MC4 plug connections. Since the entire system works in safety extra-low voltage, no electrician is required for assembly/commissioning.

Direct current use
Direct use of the direct current from the photovoltaic modules to heat water. No inverter or battery is required for operation. This enables very easy commissioning and reduces costs and complexity.

Warranty 3 year manufacturer's warranty

Calculation of profitability:

The classic electric boiler is usually the largest consumer of electrical energy in the household. It gets its energy for hot water preparation from the power grid. Depending on the hot water requirement, the amount of energy can vary depending on the user. Typically around 3.5 kWh of electricity is required per day. This corresponds to around 55 liters of hot water per day or 1,277 kWh of electricity per year. With average electricity prices of €0.31/kWh, the annual hot water production costs are €396.02.

The photovoltaic boiler draws its energy for producing hot water primarily from the power of the sun. The photovoltaic modules connected directly to the boiler generate electricity, which is converted into hot water in the boiler via a heating element.

For example, if three standard photovoltaic modules each with a maximum output of 430 Wp (1.29 kWp total photovoltaic output) are connected to a boiler, they will generate around 0.7 kWh of energy per hour on an average day with changing weather. After 5 hours, the photovoltaic modules have produced 3.5 kWh of electricity (5x 0.7 kWh). The boiler's entire electricity requirements are covered for that day. You don't have to draw electricity from the grid and you have reduced your electricity costs for hot water production by 100% that day.
Since the sun doesn't shine every day of the year, the water has to be reheated on, for example, very cloudy days. This can be done via the power grid or, for example, via an existing gas, oil or pellet heating system.

Experience and simulations show that, depending on user behavior, the energy costs for hot water preparation are reduced by around 75% with the photovoltaic boiler. In other words: over the year, around 75% of the energy required is provided free of charge by the photovoltaic modules. According to the previously calculated example, the financial savings of a photovoltaic boiler compared to the classic electric boiler are around €301 per year.


Installing the photovoltaic modules is very easy thanks to plug & play connections. The modules are plugged directly into the boiler via standard plug contacts (MC4). Optionally, an extension cable can be used to bridge larger distances between the photovoltaic modules and the boiler. (Photovoltaic modules and extension cables are not included; these can be purchased separately in the online shop.)


Which photovoltaic modules can I connect to the boiler?

All photovoltaic modules with an open-circuit voltage Uoc of less than 42.4V can be connected to the photovoltaic boiler. These are usually all 60 or 120 cell photovoltaic modules. Suitable photovoltaic modules can be purchased in the online shop.

scope of delivery

2x 10m PV extension cable with PV connector plugs (pair)

fothermo photovoltaic hybrid boiler - generate hot water with PV and save costs