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switching device

Feed excess photovoltaic energy from the boiler into the in-house power grid.

  • Feed in up to 3.5 kWh of electricity per day

    Up to 3.5 kWh of excess electrical energy from the boiler is fed into the company's own power grid every day.

  • Intelligent control

    No energy is lost. As soon as the boiler is fully heated or more photovoltaic power is available than the boiler can use, excess energy is fed into the power grid.

  • 1,600W balcony power station

    Use the power of up to 1600 Wp photovoltaic power. Because a maximum of 600 W is fed in via the inverter, the entire system is still a balcony power plant.

  • screen

    The display of the switching device always shows the status of all connected electrical consumers.


Simply feed excess power from the boiler into the power grid via a micro PV inverter.

1600 W photovoltaic output Up to 4x modules or 1600 Wp photovoltaic output can be connected to the switching device.

Warranty 3 year manufacturer's warranty

K(l)one registration: Since a maximum of 600W is fed into the power grid, only a k(l)one registration is necessary for the feed-in via the micro PV inverter.

Safety extra-low voltage Simple installation without an electrician, since everything works at safety extra-low voltage.

Environmentally friendly energy from the power of the sun! 100% renewable and sustainable! Save CO2 every day and actively contribute to climate protection.

The switching device is the solution for using excess electricity from the boiler in your own home network. Especially in the summer months, it often happens that the photovoltaic boiler is already fully heated in the morning hours.

If there is more photovoltaic power on the boiler than it can convert into heat, individual photovoltaic modules are switched to the connected micro PV inverter.

If the sun shines early in the morning, the switching device assumes that the boiler will be fully charged by the afternoon. Therefore, the switching device switches individual PV modules to the connected micro PV inverters in the morning in order to be able to cover part of the electrical base load throughout the day.

easy installation

The switching device is mounted on the wall using four screws.

Photovoltaic modules or electrical consumers are connected via simple screw terminals on the switching device.

The switching device has four photovoltaic module inputs , these can be recognized by the green colored terminal blocks. The photovoltaic modules or the extension cables of the photovoltaic modules are connected directly to the switching device. A simple screwdriver is required for this.

Up to three electrical consumers are connected to the blue terminal blocks. To connect the consumers, you have to make individual extension cables. For the connection to the boiler or the micro PV inverter, MC4 contact plugs are required at the respective ends of the cables.

Compatible Micro PV Inverters

The switching device was developed to be compatible with as many micro PV inverters as possible. Before connecting the inverter, make sure that it has a voltage range of less than 60V. These are all inverters to which 1 or 2 photovoltaic modules can be connected individually to the inverter. Below is a list of compatible inverter brands:

  • homiles
  • Envertech
  • deye

If the inverters are not compatible, the input voltage of the photovoltaic modules is greater than 60V or several photovoltaic modules are connected in series to one inverter input. For example, GROWATT brand inverters are not compatible with the switching device.

possible applications

Injection of excess energy from the photovoltaic boiler

As soon as the boiler is fully heated, excess energy is fed into the company's own power grid. The switching device ensures maximum efficiency of the entire photovoltaic system.

Especially in the summer months, the photovoltaic boiler is usually fully heated up by midday. The entire excess energy can now be used with the switching device.

Inexpensive energy storage for a balcony power plant

Do you already have a balcony power plant and want to store your electricity while you cannot use it directly?

Then storing the energy in warm water is the cheapest option. You can store the energy in the boiler throughout the day and continue to feed excess energy into the power grid.

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