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Accessories: Parallel connector - 2 modules

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The parallel connectors are compatible with solar connectors and are used to connect 2 photovoltaic modules in parallel.

Important Item Features

  • Branch sockets for parallel connection of several solar modules
  • Suitable for cables with a cross section of 4mm²-6mm²
  • Compatible with solar connectors
  • Easy click system
  • Degree of protection IP67 when plugged in

What does parallel connection mean?

With parallel connection, the plus and minus lines are bundled at one output. With this circuit, the current increases and the voltage remains the same.
Practical example: You want to connect 3 pieces of 100W (Imp=5.56A Vmp=17.8V) solar modules to a charge controller with 20A and a max. input voltage of 30V/DC. To ensure that you do not exceed the permitted input voltage, you must wire the modules in parallel. So plus to plus and minus to minus.
If you now measure the strand, you should be able to measure the following values ​​under ideal lighting conditions: Imp=16.68A and Vmp=17.8V.