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Photovoltaic caravan boiler 10 liters

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scope of delivery

1x 10 litre photovoltaic caravan boiler
1x temperature display with 5 meter cable
1x check and pressure relief valve
1x User manual

The product in focus

  • heating capacity

    Up to 550W Heat output.

  • 1 hour

    Time that the photovoltaic boiler needs to heat the water from 20°C to 65°C at full heating power.

  • 10 liters Volume

    Up to 24 liters Use hot water at 34°C water temperature.

  • Renewable

    Renewable provision of heat through the power of the sun.


Up to 1500 Wp photovoltaic output can be connected to the boiler. The MPP tracker already integrated in the boiler ensures that as much energy as possible from the sun is converted into heat in the boiler. In order to put the boiler into operation, only the photovoltaic modules have to be connected to the boiler. No additional devices such as charge controllers, MPP trackers, inverters or anything else are required.

Assembly: The installation of the caravan boiler is very easy. The boiler is screwed either firmly to the base plate or to a stable wall with four screws. The mounting rails on the boiler help with easy and safe installation.

Water connection: The water connection is made via a 1/2″ standard thread. Suitable hoses for the connection can be purchased at any hardware store. The boiler is operated under pressure. A simple 12V or 24V DC pump pushes the cold water from the water storage tank into the photovoltaic boiler when required. Hot water flows to the tap at the outlet of the boiler. There it can be mixed with cold water using a standard tap.

The maximum water temperature of the boiler is 65°C. When the boiler is fully heated, about 25 liters of 35-degree water can be drawn from it.

Power connection: The boiler can be connected directly to the power supply via a 2 meter long cable.


Technical specifications

  • digital display

    Get an overview of the current performance and current energy savings at any time.

  • easy installation

    Plug & Play - We guarantee you an uncomplicated connection of the photovoltaic modules.

  • MPP tracker

    Integrated MPP tracker for maximum solar yield.

  • Further information

    Further information, product specifications, declaration of conformity, manufacturer's instructions, assembly videos and circuit diagrams can be found in our product data sheet (see above) .

Data sheet German
Datasheet English
operation manual
Which and how many photovoltaic modules?

scope of delivery

1x 10 liter photovoltaic caravan boiler
2x mounting rails
1x digital thermometer with 5 meter cable length
1x user manual
1x pressure relief and check valve
1x drain valve and tee


Which photovoltaic modules can I connect to the boiler?

All photovoltaic modules with an open-circuit voltage Uoc of less than 42.4V can be connected to the photovoltaic boiler. These are usually all 60 or 120 cell photovoltaic modules. Suitable photovoltaic modules can be purchased in the online shop.