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Installation eines fothermo 30 Liter Photovoltaischen Offgrid Boilers in einer Gartenküche

Installation of a fothermo 30 litre photovoltaic off-grid boiler in a garden kitchen

A garden kitchen is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors while preparing culinary delights. If you want to take this experience to the next level, consider installing a fothermo 30 litre photovoltaic off-grid boiler. This boiler uses the power of the sun to heat your water, making it the ideal eco-friendly solution for your covered garden kitchen.

My experience

The idea of ​​equipping our garden kitchen with a fothermo boiler came to us when we were looking for a sustainable way to use warm water for the sink. After extensive research, we decided on the 30 liter photovoltaic off-grid boiler from fothermo. The installation was an exciting project and the result exceeded our expectations.

Step-by-step installation instructions

1. Preparation and procurement of materials

Before you start the installation, make sure you have all the necessary materials and tools ready:

fothermo 30 liter photovoltaic boiler

PV modules (300 - 600 Wp recommended)

Fastening material for wall mounting

Tools: drill, screwdriver, spirit level, pliers

2. Selection of location and installation of the boiler

Choose a suitable place in your base cabinet to install the boiler. Note that the boiler must be mounted vertically.

Securely attach the hanging rail to the wall of the base cabinet.

Hang the boiler on the mounted bar and secure it with the supplied screw through the lower eyelet.

3. Connection to the water pipe

Connect the boiler to the water pipe:

Install the combined check and pressure relief valve on the cold water line.

Connect the cold water pipe (blue ring) and the hot water pipe (red ring) according to the arrow markings.

4. Electrical connection and installation of the PV modules

To power the boiler, PV modules must be installed on the roof of your garden kitchen:

Place the PV modules so that they are exposed to maximum sunlight.

Connect the modules in parallel and lead the cables to the boiler.

Connect the MC4 connectors of the boiler to the PV cables.

5. Commissioning and inspection

After all connections are made, fill the boiler with water and check its functionality:

Open the hot water tap and let the water flow until there is no more air in the system.

Check the boiler display and make sure that the PV modules are correctly connected and supplying energy.


The installation of the fothermo 30 liter photovoltaic off-grid boiler in our garden kitchen was a complete success. Now we can not only wash our dishes with warm water, but also enjoy the sustainable use of solar energy. The boiler is efficient, easy to use and a great addition to any garden kitchen.

So if you want to upgrade your garden kitchen, the fothermo boiler is the perfect choice. Not only do you benefit from hot water, but you also actively contribute to protecting the environment.

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