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Caravan Boiler - Mehr Freiheit. Mehr Unabhängigkeit.

Caravan Boiler - More freedom. More independence.

The caravan boiler reinvents the hot water supply in the caravan.
It is intelligent and uses the energy directly from photovoltaic modules or a battery.
The caravan boiler ensures more comfort on your next trip.

Photovoltaic or battery? Both is possible!

Decide whether you want to connect the boiler to a photovoltaic module or the on-board battery of your caravan.

You can connect up to 1500 Wp photovoltaic output to the boiler. It doesn't matter whether you use large or small, thick or thin, flexible or rigid photovoltaic modules.

Or use excess power from the battery and store it in the boiler - as hot water.

Simple connection with two open cable ends.

Connecting the caravan boiler is simple, intuitive and takes just a few moments.

Plus to plus and minus to minus. You don't have to pay any more attention to the connection. A degree in electrical engineering is certainly not required for this!

An integrated protection against polarity reversal provides additional security in case something should go wrong.

Automatic heating. Finally no more waiting.

As soon as the sun rises, the heating process begins. Fully automatic and all day long.

As soon as you come back from your hike or a stroll in the city, a hot shower is immediately ready for you.

The boiler does not have to be switched on to be able to take a shower an hour later. Those times are over now.

Assembly made easy. With only four screws.

Mount the boiler in your RV with just four screws. You don't need more than a screwdriver.

Installation is easy and safe. In this way, the boiler also holds up when you brake hard.

Use excess energy from your existing 12 V or 24 V on-board battery.

First the battery is charged. As soon as the battery is charged, the photovoltaic boiler switches on automatically. It takes the energetic excess and converts it into heat.

The battery can continue to be charged via photovoltaic modules, the alternator or, for example, via shore power.

Any 12V or 24V lead or LiFePO4 battery can be connected to the boiler.

Save expensive battery storage! Use boiler as energy storage.

The photovoltaic boiler acts as an extended energy store. You can store the excess energy cheaply in heat instead of expensively in an additional battery.

580 Wh are needed to heat the water once from 15 °C to 65 °C. From now on you no longer have to store this energy in a battery.

The boiler absorbs all energetic excesses as soon as the battery is fully charged. So it's a battery extension.

Horizontal or vertical mounting? Both works!

Innovative heating elements ensure optimum heat generation in both vertical and horizontal installation. Space-saving installation possible through individual assembly.

More comfort? Make yourself comfortable.

After an eventful day back at the caravan, a hot shower is immediately ready for you.

Innovative and intelligent algorithms for even more performance.

Choose from 5 individual modes to optimally adapt your boiler to your existing energy system in the camper.

Algorithms measure the excess energy in your battery and convert exactly this amount into heat. Everything works fully automatically.

Discharge your on-board battery to get even more hot water. But only if you want to! Otherwise, only the surplus is used.

Up to 25 liters of hot water for showering.

The photovoltaic caravan boiler heats water up to 65°C. Then it switches off automatically.

For showering, the hot water is mixed with colder water in a standard shower fitting.

Up to 25 liters at a water temperature of 35 °C can be used. With an economy shower head, that's easily enough for 2 people.

Two digital displays ensure maximum transparency.

The current water temperature, the heating output and the sum of all amounts of energy that have ever been fed in can be read directly on the boiler.

A second display with a 5 meter cable allows the temperature to be displayed from anywhere in the caravan.

A small battery in the boiler ensures that the display can also be read at night.