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7000 liters of hot water saved in the rented apartment!

fothermo Energy Saving Hero #1

Mr. Barzen from Germany was tired of constantly increasing the price of his energy supply. He lives in a 2-person household in a rented apartment and was looking for a simple way to become less dependent on rising energy prices.

Mr. Barzen bought the 80 liter photovoltaic boiler and combined it with his shower.

In the first year he produced 7,000 liters of hot water with his photovoltaic boiler. This means that around 86% of the hot water requirement is covered by photovoltaics. Only 14% of the hot water requirement for a 2-person household still has to be provided by the central heating system.

The renewable hot water checklist:

Follow the steps shown to also use free and C02-free hot water in the rented apartment:

1. Buy boiler and PV modules at www.fothermo.com
2. Connect the boiler to the shower fitting.
3. Plug in photovoltaic modules.
4. Enjoy a hot shower.

You can find detailed instructions on how to integrate the boiler with your shower in the rented apartment here: "PV boiler checklist in the rented apartment"