Replace your electric boiler

The most expensive way to produce hot water is to heat water using mains electricity. The photovoltaic boiler gets about 80% of its energy free of charge from the sun. You cannot provide your hot water more cheaply. 

photovoltaic water heater with solar panel 80 liter

80 liter photovoltaic water heater for a 2 person household

If you need about 80 liters of hot water a day, then the 80 liter boiler is optimal for your household. From now on you can get most of your energy for showering from the power of the sun.

Enjoy your hot shower!

Easy installation

The photovoltaic boiler is installed like any other boiler. The water pipes are connected via ½ water connection. To put the boiler into operation, you only need to plug in the photovoltaic modules on the boiler and, if necessary, plug in the power supply unit for automatic reheating on bad weather days.

fothermo water heater installation