1. Connections of the Water Heater

photovoltaic Boiler connections

2. Installation of the Water Heater on the wall

The water heater must be installed vertically, in a frost-free and dry room, close to the withdrawal point. The unit is designed for fixed wall mounting only. Make sure that the wall has sufficient load-bearing capacity.

3. Connection of the Water Supply

When connecting the device to the water supply, please observe the indicated arrows and rings around the cold and hot water pipes.

The water heater is equipped with a combined check and pressure relief valve, which is included in the product packaging.

The pipe connectors have male G½ threads. Schematic representations regarding the connection of the water heater are shown in pictures

fothermo water heater installation

4. Connection to the Power Supply

The electrical connection of the water heaters is performed using the factory supplied MC4 plugs.

Dimensioning of the required photovoltaic power:

5. Overview of the system