Be Independent

A solution for those who want to provide their hot water in a cost-effective and sustainable way.

Use your own sustainable hot water supply in your Tiny House. 100% renewable, 100% CO2 free and almost for free. 

Tiny House heating

photovoltaic water heater with solar panel 80 liter

80 liter Photovoltaic Water Heater for Tiny Houses

With just one boiler and a few photovoltaic modules, you can provide all the hot water for your Tiny House. Once installed it will provide you with hot water permanently and almost for free.

For 2 people we recommend 3 photovoltaic modules and a 80 liter hot water heater. With it you can supply your house with solar heated hot water. 


Easy installation

Simple plug & play installation. 

Connecting the PV modules to the water heater takes a few seconds. The photovoltaic modules are plugged directly into the boiler. No additional devices such as charge controller, inverter, MPP tracker (already installed in the device) are required.
No technician or installer is required to set up the Photovoltiac water heater, as the unit operates in protective extra-low voltage.
fothermo water heater installation

Your way to your own hot water supply!