General Information about the Photovoltaic Water Heater

The photovoltaic water heater converts power from the photovoltaic module directly and very efficiently into heat. An integrated MPP tracker ensures the best photovoltaic energy yield even during cloudy days.

photovoltaic water heater with solar panel 30 liter
fothermo power supply unit

reheating function - 110V / 230V

External Power Supply Unit

To bridge long periods of bad weather, the photovoltaic water heater can optionally be reheated via an external power supply. In this case, however, existing photovoltaic power always has priority, so that the electricity bill at the end of the day is as small as possible.

12V / 24V excess energy management

Battery - excess energy management

The photovoltaic water heaters can be operated either by direct connection of the photovoltaic modules or by connection to a 12V or 24V battery. If the water heater is connected to a battery, the boiler will not turn on until the battery is fully charged. This is fully automatic and ensures that the battery is not discharged by the water heater.

fothermo - photovoltaic modules

photovoltaic modules and connection

All about photovoltaic modules

The right photovoltaic modules guarantee perfect operation. You can connect every 36 cell and 60 cell photovoltaik panel. This makes the installation very simple and convenient.