Save money & make yourself independent of rising energy prices!

Use the photovoltaic boiler to produce hot domestic water. As a result, you will have to use less fossil fuel to heat water. This not only saves money but also protects the environment.

Contribute to climate protection and produce your own renewable hot water.

80 liter Photovoltaic Water Heater

The photovoltaic water heater stores your electricity generated during the day in heat. As soon as you need hot water in your house, e.g. for showering, you can use the self-generated hot water. This means that you have to use less fossil energy to heat the water in the heating system. 

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How much energy can you save?

A photovoltaic module facing south in Germany with a power of about 320 Wp generates about 300 kWh of electricity per year. 

If you now install an 80 liter boiler with 4x photovoltaic modules in front of your heating system, you could save up to 1200 kWh* in gas or oil every year

*Note: The amount can be smaller if you have a surplus of photovoltaic power, especially in the summer months, which can no longer be stored in the photovoltaic boiler in the form of heat. 


Make yourself independent of rising energy prices!


Install the photovoltaic boiler upstream of your hot water inlet on your heating system. This way you can preheat the water all year round. If necessary, you can also completely switch off the fossil hot water production during the summer months.

1. incoming cold water supply (cold)
2. outgoing heated water (warm)
3. domestic hot water (warm)
4. gas / oil pipe
5. heating circuit (cold)
6. heating circuit (hot)