photovoltaic water heater with solar panel 80 liter

Take a refreshing shower after your safari trip

With a few photovoltaic modules and the fothermo Photovoltaic Water Heater you can build a reliable hot water supply.

You just have to connect the photovoltaic modules to the water heater. That’s all you have to do. 

Advantages at a glance

Example for system installation

Free hot water from the sun!

The photovoltaic water heater can produce hot water anywhere the sun shines. You no longer need gas bottles or firewood. Everything works automatically. 

Once installed, it produces free hot water.

Easy to install - for everyone

Simply connect the photovoltaic modules to the boiler and you produce your own hot water.

Lay only electric cables and no pipes! This saves work and time. You do not even need an electrician for installation. 

Enjoy your self-produced hot water from now on!

Send us your details and we will calculate your self-sufficient hot water supply.