10 l PV Water Heater


Photovoltaic water heater for the kitchen or under the sink.


Product Highlights:

  • 10 liter photovoltaic water heater
  • Hot water for the sink, shower or kitchen.
  • No connection to the power grid needed.
  • Complete system with MC4 PV connectors.
  • No specialist required for installation.
  • Digital temperature display
  • 1/2″ water connection on water heater
  • Optional reheating via the power grid possible (power supply unit not included).

Photovoltaic water heaters for an independent hot water supply.

With just a few simple steps you can produce your water with sustainable and cost effective PV electricity. Simply connect a suitable module to the boiler and wait until the water is hot. The connection of the PV modules is done in a few seconds and provides you with a reliable heat supply from that moment on.

Recommended photovoltaic power:

  • We recommend the connection of a 150 Wp solar module.
  • At least photovoltaic modules with a capacity of 100 Wp and a nominal voltage (Umpp) of 18 V should be connected.
  • Maximum 3x 325 Wp modules can be connected in parallel.

Included in the package:

  • 10 liter photovoltaic hot water tank
  • Boiler mounting system

Additional information

Weight 7.2 kg
Dimensions 28 × 28 × 44 cm


Max Heating Power

550 W


10 l

Rated Pressure

0.7 MPa

Max. current

15.5 A

IP class


Gross weight (+/- 3%)

7.2 kg