Which photovoltaic modules can be connected?

All standard 36-cell and 60-cell modules can be connected to the photovoltaic boiler. Also the connection of 120 cell half cell modules is no problem. It is important that the open circuit voltage of the photovoltaic modules specified on the data sheet does not exceed 42.4V. This ensures that the photovoltaic boiler is operated in the protective extra-low voltage and that no electrical specialist is required to connect the photovoltaic modules.


How to connect the photovoltaic modules to the water heater?

Photovoltaic modules are connected directly to the photovoltaic boiler. The MC4 contact plugs from the photovoltaic module are connected to the water heater. The boiler immediately starts to heat.

If the cable of the photovoltaic modules is not long enough, it can be easily extended.
The photovoltaic modules must be connected to the boiler in parallel. This ensures that the voltage remains low and no electrician is needed during installation.

5 photovoltaic modules with up to 1500W can be connected to the boiler. This has advantages especially in winter when solar radiation is weak.
Usually only 1 to 3 photovoltaic modules are needed. The number of modules depends mainly on the volume of the photovoltaic boiler.

This parallel connection plug helps to assemble photovoltaic modules in parallel connection. It is an easy Plug & Play system. 

The following table serves as a guideline for dimen-sioning the photovoltaic power needed depending on the climatic conditions:

Heating times

The following table shows the duration for heating up the different sizes of water heaters with different heating power, starting with a water temperature of 15°C and ending at 65°C.

Note: The values given in the table are intended as a guideline. The heating times depend on many factors (power, ambient air temperature, water withdrawal) and may differ from reality. The greater the connected photovoltaic power, the more the water can be heated on days with low solar radiation. The water is heated with a maximum power of 550 W.