Endless power from the sun

The photovoltaic water heater converts electricity produced in photovoltaic modules directly into heat. This is done very efficiently and reliably. Since no inverters, charge controllers or batteries are needed for use, the photovoltaic boiler requires very little maintenance and is very easy to use.

Anyone can put the photovoltaic boiler into operation within a few moments. No detailed knowledge is required for this.

photovoltaic water heater with solar panel 30 liter

Application of Photovoltaic Water Heaters

The photovoltaic water heater can be used in a wide range of applications. It can be used anywhere where you need hot water in mobile use. This is especially the case in caravans.

But the photovoltaic boiler is also very useful in places that normally have very poor or expensive access to energy. This is the case, for example, on campsites or mountain huts. 

The photovoltaic boiler can also serve as a substitute for traditional heating systems in the summer months. Thus, a large amount of fossil fuels can be saved directly.


Schematic system design of the photovoltaic water heaters

The photovoltaic water heaters can be powered by a variety of different energy sources. Primarily, the use of photovoltaic electricity is envisaged.

However, it is also possible to first charge a battery with the existing photovoltaic power and convert all the photovoltaic surplus in the boiler into heat.

If a 110V / 230V mains supply is available, it can also be used for reheating. The photovoltaic boiler automatically detects when the water needs to be reheated, so that  you can always take a hot shower.