Parallel connector for photovoltaic modules

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Parallel connectors for easy mounting of several photovoltaic modules.
The parallel connectors are used for easy connection of up to four photovoltaic modules to the boiler. They are compatible with all common photovoltaic module connectors (MC-4 connectors).


Important article features

    • Parallel connection of several solar modules
    • Suitable for cables with a diameter of 4mm²-6mm²
    • Compatible with all common PV module connectors
    • Simple plug&play connection system
    • Protection class IP67 when plugged in


What does parallel connection mean?

With parallel connection, the positive and negative wires are bundled at one output. This circuit increases the current and the voltage remains the same.

Practical example:

You want to connect 3 photovoltaic modules with an output of 340Wp each (Vmp = 34V; Imp = 10A) to the photovoltaic boiler. To ensure that you do not exceed the permitted input voltage of 42.4V, you must connect the modules in parallel. So plus to plus and minus to minus. If you now measure the voltage and current, you should be able to measure the following values under ideal lighting conditions: Vmp = 34V and Imp = 30A. 

The parallel connectors help you to connect the photovoltaic modules to the boiler easily and quickly. 

Connection of 2 photovoltaic modules

Two photovoltaic modules are connected directly to the double parallel connector.

Connection of 3 photovoltaic modules

Three photovoltaic modules are connected to the parallel connector with four connections. One connection remains free so that a fourth photovoltaic module can be installed at a later time if necessary.

Connection of 4 photovoltaic modules

To allow up to four photovoltaic modules to be connected to the parallel plug, the fourth module must be connected to the parallel plug with a short extension cable.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x pair of parallel connectors depending on selected size

Additional information

Weight 0,3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 3 × 3 cm
PV Module Parallel Connector

2-way PV module parallel plug, 3-way PV module parallel plug, 4-way PV module parallel plug