PV Extension Cable

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Extension cables between the solar modules and the photovoltaic water heater.



PV module extension cable:

Connect the photovoltaic modules directly to the photovoltaic water heater.

6mm² MC4 extension cable (assembly: MC4 male and female ) with radiation crosslinked solar cable from the leading cable manufacturer Lapp from Germany. The plugs themselves are also German originals from MutliContact. The production of all application-ready cables takes place in Germany.

High-quality special tools are used and thus ensure an extremely strong connection that can withstand even very harsh conditions and that even the weather over a very long period of time can not harm.

You can run up to 20 meters of extension cable between the boiler and the photovoltaic modules. 
Different lengths can also be combined. For example, you can put a 10m and a 5m cable together so that you can use 15m of cable. 

Product Highlights

Plug & Play

Easy installation without tools.

Individual cable length

Individual selection of the required cable length.

Made in Germany

Use of high quality materials for long service life. 

Product details

5 meter extension cable (pair)

Length: 5 meters
Connector: 4x MC-4 PV connector
Cross section: 6mm²
High quality photovoltaic cable
Max. connected PV modules: 4 pieces

10 meter extension cable (pari)

Length: 10 meters
Connector: 4x MC-4 PV connector
Cross section: 6mm²
High quality photovoltaic cable 
Max. connected PV modules: 4 pieces

To connect several photovoltaic modules to the extension cable (or directly to the boiler) as easily as possible, we recommend using parallel connectors. These enable the simple parallel connection of up to 4 photovoltaic modules. You can find the corresponding plugs in the online store.   

Scope of delivery

  • 1x pair extension cable  (5m or 10m)

Additional information

Cable length

5m, 10m, 15m