AC Power Supply – for 30l water heater


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18V power supply for 30 liter boilers

AC water reheater- external power supply

Ensure that you always have enough hot water in your photovoltaic boiler even during long periods of bad weather or in winter. The power supply unit for reheating the water is mainly used in case of low or no solar yield.

As soon as the water in the boiler falls below the set minimum temperature of e.g. 35°C, the reheating of the water by the power supply unit starts automatically. If solar energy is available at the same time, it is always used with priority, so that the costs for reheating are as low as possible. The set minimum temperature ensures hot water at all times.

Product highlights

– Security of supply
– 100% automatic reheating
– Plug & Play plug-in system – installation time about 1 minute
– Energy saving reheating due to flexible minimum temperature setting

Intended use:

The power supply can be used wherever AC power supply is available. Due to the low power consumption of the power supply units, the reheater can be operated in places with unstable or weak AC supply.

Connecting the power supply and setting the minimum temperature

Installation time: ~ 1 minute
The power supply unit is connected via a simple plug & play connector. The installation is intuitive. No electrician is required.

As soon as the power supply unit is plugged in, the minimum temperature can be set. This is done via two buttons directly on the boiler. The configuration is very simple and is explained in detail in the supplied operating instructions.

The power supply unit is simply plugged into the socket and into the boiler.

Heating power and heating times:

The heating power of the power supply units is 140W.
The following are the heating times to heat the water in the boiler from 25°C to 45°C. :

10 liter boiler = ~ 2 hours
30 liter boiler = ~ 5 hours
80 liter boiler = ~ 14 hours

Note: Reheating is not comparable with a “normal” electric boiler. As a rule of thumb, the boiler water can be heated once a day with hot water only by reheating through the power supply. Additionally available PV energy accelerates the heating process.

Scope of delivery

– 1x 18V power supply unit
– 1x operating and assembly instructions

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