10 l PV Water Heater


10 liter photovoltaic water heater

Lieferzeit: 10 days


80 Liter - photovoltiac water heater

Hot water through the power of the sun. The innovative photovoltaic boiler converts electricity from PV modules directly into heat. All you have to do is plug the PV modules directly into the boiler and the heating process will start immediately.

The 10 liter photovoltaic boiler is perfect for providing hot water in remote homes, workshop or garden shed.

Product Highlights

– 10 liter photovoltaic boiler
– 100% renewable heat supply
– Up to 65°C hot water temperature
– MPP tracker for maximum PV yield
– Plug & Play – direct connection of PV modules up to 1500W
– Patented technology in the boiler
– 100% OffGrid – no connection to the power grid required
– PV system does not need to be registered
– 100% Quality – Made in Germany
– Digital temperature display and energy meter
– Safe commissioning due to operation in safety extra-low voltage
– Easy use of low cost solar grid connected modules
– Safety valve included in delivery

Possible applications

– Kitchen: The 10 liter boiler provides enough hot water to provide hot water for the kitchen. 

– Self-sufficient supply: Hot water supply far away from the power grid e.g. on a remote mountain hut or in the garden house.

– Independence in case of power failure: Hot water even in case of large-scale power failure.

– Garden & mountain hut: Make yourself comfortable in the allotment garden or on the mountain hut and enjoy a hot shower.

6 different operating modes

Note: To use Mode 2 – 6, you need a battery cable to connect the battery to the photovoltaic water heater. This is available in the online store (BC-03)

Hot water guarantee

To ensure always enough hot water even during the winter, you can connect the boiler to the 220V power grid. Intelligent algorithms ensure that the boiler is heated by the mains only when heat is needed.


You can set any minimum temperature (10°C – 65°C) on the boiler (boiler mode 1). As soon as the water temperature of the boiler drops below the set minimum temperature, the water is automatically reheated via the 220V reheater (online shop – PSU-12). If solar power is also available during the heating process, it is always prioritized. 

Hot water quantity

The usable water quantity depends on the fresh water temperature and the temperature in the photovoltaic boiler. If the fresh water temperature is 12 °C and the temperature in the boiler is 65 °C, 23 liters of 35 °C hot water can be used.

The shower temperature is about 32 °C – 35 °C.

In case there is not enough energy from the sun for a longer period of time, the boiler can be reheated automatically via the 220V reheater.

As a rule of thumb, 10 liters of hot water is available every day. Either by the power of the sun alone or with the assistance of the 220V reheater. 

Heating times

Heating 10 liters of water at a temperature of 20 °C to 35 °C takes about 35min hours at full heating power (300 W).

Heating the boiler from 20 °C to 65 °C takes about 1 ¾ hours at 300 W power. 


The water loses about 10 °C overnight at 65 °C water temperature in the evening and 19 °C ambient air temperature . So you can use about 55 °C hot water for showering the next morning.

Recommended PV module system layout (not included)

All 60-cell and 120-cell photovoltaic modules can be connected to the boiler. Optionally, 36-cell PV modules can also be connected.

72-cell and 144-cell photovoltaic modules can NOT be connected to the boiler, because then the boiler is operated outside the safety extra-low voltage (< 42.4V) and therefore loses the warranty.

Number of PV modules depending on the location:

– Countries with low solar irradiation: 1x PV modules (60cell or 120cell).
(Central Europe / Northern Europe)

– Countries with high solar irradiation: 1x PV modules (36cell, 60cell or 120cell)
(Southern Europe / Eastern Europe / Asia / South America)

– Countries with extremely high solar radiation and high fresh water temperature from the pipeline: 1x PV modules (36cell)
(Africa, Australia)

Scope of delivery

– 1x 30 liter photovoltaic boiler
– 1x mounting template
– 1x instruction manual
– 1x relief and check valve

Additional information

Weight 7.2 kg
Dimensions 28 × 28 × 44 cm


Max Heating Power

550 W


10 l

Rated Pressure

7 bar

Max. current

15.5 A

IP class


Gross weight (+/- 3%)

7.2 kg