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Photovoltaic heating element + 800W Hoymiles inverter - 1760W

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The complete set provides you with both hot water and electricity. Generate up to 1800 kWh of electricity per year with 4 high-performance photovoltaic modules. Most of the energy can be stored directly in hot water. Excess power is simply fed into the socket via a balcony power inverter. This means you can also reduce your electricity consumption.

Since the entire system works in safety extra-low voltage, no electrician is required for installation. You simply put all the components together. With this complete set you will become less dependent on rising gas, oil and electricity prices.

With this set, an average two-person household can generate almost all of its hot water photovoltaically in the summer months. As soon as there is sufficient photovoltaic power, excess electricity of up to 800W is fed into the power grid. Over a year, around 700 kWh are fed in, reducing the electricity consumption of an average household by around 20%.

The product in focus

  • 1760Wp photovoltaic power

    4x elegant black frame photovoltaic modules with high-efficiency technology

  • Intelligent energy management

    The switching device ensures optimal energy management. As soon as there are surpluses, they are fed in via the inverter.

  • 550W photovoltaic heating element

    Support your existing gas and oil heating and prepare your hot water primarily using photovoltaics in the future.

  • 800W Hoymiles inverter

    With up to 800W you can feed excess energy into the power grid. This means no energy is wasted and at the same time reduces your electricity bill.

Installation of the system

The entire system works in protective extra-low voltage. Devices at this voltage level can also be connected by laypeople. An electrician is not necessary for the connection.

The following steps describe the installation:

1. Assembly of the photovoltaic modules. Install the photovoltaic modules in a location that is as sunny as possible. The photovoltaic modules can be aligned either east-west or south.

2. Connect the photovoltaic modules to the switching device (energy manager). Use the included 10m extension cable for this. The cables are plugged into both the photovoltaic modules and the switching device using a simple plug.

3. Screw the heating rod into the hot water tank. Before purchasing, check whether you have a 1.5" threaded flange on your tank. The heating element can be screwed into the drained tank and sealed.

4. Plug in the heating element. Simply plug the Heistab into the first output of the switching device with another cable.

5. Connect the Mircro-PV inverter to outputs 2 and 3 of the switching device. Then simply plug the inverter into your socket.

6. Done . Enjoy cost-effective and CO2-free hot water and electricity.

Function of the switching device (energy management)

The task of the switching device is to distribute the photovoltaic power to different electrical loads. The energy is primarily used to produce hot water. When the water is completely heated or there is a lot of photovoltaic power available, the energy manager automatically decides whether and how much excess energy is fed into the power grid via the micro PV inverter.

Example: 4 photovoltaic modules are connected to the switching device. The sun is already shining early in the morning. The switching device recognizes that a lot of power is available today. Therefore, one or two photovoltaic modules are switched to the inverter starting in the morning. This ensures that the water is warmed up sufficiently and at the same time that the basic electrical load in the house is covered by the inverter's feed. As soon as the storage unit is fully charged, up to 800W is fed into the power grid via the inverter.

Photovoltaic module

Technical specifications

  • 22.5% efficiency

    High-performance photovoltaic module with maximum efficiency for the best possible user experience.

  • modern design

    When it comes to the appearance of the solar module, the Hi-MO 6 series simplifies the complexity and redefines the aesthetic concept of photovoltaic modules.

  • easy installation

    Plug & Play - We guarantee you an uncomplicated connection of the photovoltaic modules using standardized photovoltaic module plugs.

  • Further information

    Further information, product specifications, declaration of conformity, manufacturer's instructions, assembly videos and circuit diagrams can be found in our product data sheet (see above) .

scope of delivery

Depending on the configuration, different components are delivered.

The largest set includes the following products:
- 1x photovoltaic heating element
- 1x switching device
- 1x 800W Hoymiles inverter
- 4x photovoltaic modules
- 4x 10m PV extension cable (PV modules - switching device)
- 1x 5m PV extension cable (switching device - boiler)
- 1x 5m connection cable micro PV inverter